We've got a new website!

We’ve got ourselves a new website! Well, I did, truth be told. I’m a one man studio after all. But speaking in plural does sound more professional, doesn’t it? The Tumblr blog will still be there, of course, I have no intention of getting rid of it. Everything will simply be cross-posted between those two.

This website, with me having access to its code, to every single little feature, is much more elastic and can be expanded upon. Which may be needed, were I to add a download for some early versions of the game, or other things like that. That’s really it for this post. No major breakthroughs on the front of OneGun itself. I may have an idea on how to make the room spawning actually work, but I’ll need to run some math on that first. See you in the next update!

In the meantime, you may want to subscribe to our Newsletter. Nothing is being sent out right now, but I hope to use it to inform you of any major updates, so you don’t have to check this blog every day.