Devnote Friday #7

Today with less content and more plans. I thought it’s still worth noting both the progress and the plans, ad futuram rei memoriam. Today no gifs, just me talking about short-term goals for OneGun (this name really did stick, didn’t it?)

Battling current issues

I still, for the love of me, can’t get the practice targets to reset on a push of a button. I know how to do it, it did work if it was just set on a timer in the target’s actor itself, but when it needs to be activated via external means? Not looking so hot. Also, I’m trying to make a beam of a variable length as one of environmental hazards. In one of the previous posts you could even see it. It was initially achieved using a cylinder with no collisions, that detected when a player is overlapping it. The problem with that solution was that the beam would have to have a static length and could not be blocked by, say, a crate. That’s why I opted for a raycasting method instead. And it works. What doesn’t, is the particle beam effect, that passes through walls. I need to find a way to stop it at a location of the raycast’s hit. Last but not least, I noticed that even when the health variable has a range of 0-100, being healed for 10 points when having 99 health will put you at 109 in total. Which should not happen. I need to find a way to fix it as well.

What’s coming in an unspecified future

First thing’s first, an actual, moving, attacking enemy. Maybe a futuristic Roomba with spikes for now, but something that actually moves, even if erratically, and can be destroyed. Besides that, exploding barrels would be nice. I made one that shatters (it was shown in the last post), but I can’t get the damage dealing to work. Haven’t put much thought into it yet, though, so I’m willing to bet the solution is extremely obvious. And maybe some better looking particle effects. They are a bane of my existence. There are more things that need attention, for example connecting rooms in a randomized pattern to make a level, the gun customization system, or enemies with an actual AI. But I’d like to keep it simple for now. We’ll get to the more elaborate systems eventually.


Don’t drink and drive study and make games, kids. It will hurt you and the ones close to you.