Devnote Friday #6

Not much has been done this week. To be honest, I almost forgot to post about anything that was done. Juggling game development and college isn’t easy, and it is taking its toll. Don’t do it, kids. I managed to implement two little features, however.

Destructible Meshes

You shoot something, this something blows up and falls apart. That’s about it. I still need to tinker with physics settings a bit a lot, but it’s there and it’s working. More or less. The barrel needs proper inner walls, as well as it has to damage the player. Some actual explosion effects would also be nice.

Beam Hazard

Just a simple beam, you may think. And you would be right. But it’s nice to have it. The beam itself passes through objects, as you can see, but the damage dealt doesn’t. It’s all a matter of playing with the particle emitter, and somehow limiting its range. Can be done. Probably. If you were to ever want to create such a beam yourself, remember one thing: raycasts happen from world location to world location. They’re not relative to the actor, they’re absolute in the world.


I’m no longer entirely sure whether or not Devnote Fridays will remain a regular thing. I wanted them to be, I really did, but I thought about it and… I don’t think there’d be any point in making posts titled ‘I’ve done nothing this week!’. That’s why, from now on, Devnote Fridays will be happening if there’s something to actually show. I think. I don’t know. Time management is hard.