Devnote Friday #5

Today a little bit earlier. That’s because I finished what I could, and what’s left is simply too time-consuming for me to start now. Making games until the first rays of sun start shining through the window’ Not always the best idea.

Target Practice

Nothing terribly special, just simple targets to practice your aim. They react to hits, they have hit zones (headshots and bodyshots), and were created so I can have something to test any enemy-related mechanics without making actual enemies yet. So far they only fall over, but a button supposed to reset them was created. Except it doesn’t work. And somehow interferes with the next feature I’ll talk about in this post, causing it to not react to player’s input. I may have an idea how to solve it, though. The whole ‘doesn’t even reset what it’s supposed to reset’ part, however? No idea. Yet. Next step (after getting the reset to work) will probably be triggering some events when all targets are down. That’ll be a base for a mechanic of clearing rooms to progress.

Health Mote Spawner

Probably more of a test room/tutorial thing, than an actual in-game mechanic, but it can be easily customized. Buying health for coins, perhaps? A rare chance for the spawner to spawn in a secret area? We’ll see. So far it does what it’s supposed to do. I had some issues making the ‘press E to interact’ prompt face the player at all times, but I managed. And now I’ll be abusing this newly acquired technology. xpect prompts and popups following you everywhere.


Come this Monday, academic year begins. My third semester in IT college. While it does give me opportunity to learn, and possibly create better things more efficiently with the acquired knowledge, it will be a significant hit on the amount of time I can spare for OneGun, no doubt. There may come Devnote Fridays, when there are no gifs to show. There may come ones where there is no text to write either. But even during those ones, you will still get an update. An update on a lack of an update if need be, but an update nonetheless.