Devnote Friday #2

I’ll be honest with you, I was uncertain whether I’ll have something to show today or not. Some of the things that now work work, even though I have no idea why, and some things don’t work, and I also have no idea why. Besides, smoothing faces in Blender screwed me over. Always export your *.fbx files as binary, with exported face normals. Just so you know. But I do have something after all. Two and a half somethings, depending how you look at it.

Damage dealt to player

Yep, player can be damaged now. All damage taken is displayed in the console so far, but I’ll implement some better way when the time comes. Also, death screen. Not really. Just a widget that’s being created when health value reaches 0. But it looks cool. I had to make HP a float instead of an integer, since ProgressBar widget doesn’t take integers. That lead to what you can see, health going into negative. It’s an easy fix, though, I just somehow overlooked it. Will be fixed Monday, probably.

Damage dealt by environmental hazards

You might’ve thought those two are the same, but you’d be wrong. Player receiving damage and responding to it is completely different from anything dealing damage to player. In any case, there’s a template for some stationary, or maybe even moving environmental hazards that damage you when you touch them, so that’s done and waiting to be reused. Whew. Still can’t figure out what the hell’s wrong with the cannonballs you can kinda see at the beginning. They act all kinds of weird, and I’ll probably remake them from scratch at this point.

Damage being displayed

The reason I had to make health variable into a float instead of a simple integer. And bane of my existence at the same time. I’ve tried three different methods of displaying the HP of player on the bar. One of them was a step-by-step recreation of an official Unreal Engine tutorial. It still doesn’t work, doesn’t show the HP you have until it reaches 0. Oh well.


I also can’t, for the love of me, decide on a final name of the project. Maybe when it’s a little bit more complete I’ll be able to select the best name that suits it. So far, let’s stick to OneGun, or just The Game.