Development state video #2 — 06.03.2017

This one is more of an update, really. First of all, I finally managed to fix the issue with chests not opening. Turns out it was an issue with a random integer being randomized with every check on the algorithm, so when it was checking “is it 0? Is it 1? Is it 2?” the result could be “false” with each pass. Thankfully changing that if tree for a switch fixed the issue.

You might’ve noticed some changes to the UI as well. The previous setup was just a placeholder, now I’m really putting it together. Dodge bar on the bottom, not obstructing the view too much, ammo count and reload indicator on the gun itself for that immersive diegetic UI elements, health and shield bars are next for a revamp. You might’ve also noticed the menu I called at one point. This one will display all the stats and items you have, as well as your weapon and all its attachments. Hopefully in a 3D interactable form, but Unreal’s UMG is a bitch when it comes to putting anything 3D in there. So I’ll probably have to bruteforce it and make something like a tiny miniature gun with a tiny miniature UI be displayed in the world, in front of player’s camera. Oh well, what can you do.

This update I’m especially proud of the floor, though. How it lights up wherever the player goes. Truly a thing of beauty. To achieve that, I had to use some outdated screenshot from UDK, found in some obscure place, and contents of a NormalFromHeightmap function I had to gut. Whoever thought making it take only TextureObject and not TextureSample – I’ve no idea what were they thinking. But, hey, it’s the end result that matters.

The level generation is… Progressing. The rooms spawn where they should now, but the only issue is that they seem to ignore part of the spawning algorithm. The part that prevents them from spawning on top of eachother. Plans for immediate future include: fixing level generation, new material for walls, full revamp of the UI, and maybe starting to work on gun customization.

And some housekeeping at the end: I’m still working out the exact format of my posts and videos, so they will be inconsistent. Sorry for that.