Back again!

It’s been a few years since the last post, the site changed domains, I gave another shot to level generation in OneGun, failed again, made another prototype for my BEng thesis… A lot has happened.

But now, OneGun is alive-ish again! After yet another reboot of the project! This time backed by the amazing Dungeon Architect engine plugin that will hopefully solve the issue with level generation, the thing that always held me back the most. And knowing that, I started with the actual gameplay systems leaving level gen for later. Read more to see one such system at work.

Character Upgrades

That’s right! Finally something tangible! Player character stats like toughness, armor, movement speed and so on. Toughness reduces damage taken by a flat rate, armor reduces it by x%, dodge distance increases the distance of your dodge, basically stuff you’d expect by just seeing the name of the stat.

Upgrades themselves have different rarities that impact the chance of having 1/2/3/4 bonus stats, the value of those bonuses, and the price. Money and other pickups haven’t been implemented quite yet, but I hope to get to it sometime soon.


I’ve a 9-5 job now, with 2 hours of total commute. Fortunately on one hand, since I can afford things like aforementioned Dungeon Architect, unfortunately on the other, since it leaves me with little time to work on OneGun. I’d start a Patreon or something to go full-time, but it’s hard to get any patrons with the community size of zero.