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Devnote Friday #3

Update on a lack of an update

Basically, this. Not much has been done this week, at least not much that could be shown in a GIF or a screenshot. It's been mostly me fixing messy Blueprints of already existing systems and trying to make my programmer's art a little less programmer-like. And me fighting with That One UI Bar That Just Won't Show What It's Told To Show. And that's basically it. I'll try and have a bigger update for you next Friday. Though I can't promise anything. Now we're getting into a realm of features that aren't so easy to implement. ...

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Devnote Friday #2

I'll be honest with you, I was uncertain whether I'll have something to show today or not. Some of the things that now work work, even though I have no idea why, and some things don't work, and I also have no idea why. Besides, smoothing faces in Blender screwed me over. Always export your *.fbx files as binary, with exported face normals. Just so you know. But I do have something after all. Two and a half somethings, depending how you look at it.

Damage dealt to player

Yep, player can be damaged now. All damage taken is displayed in the console so far, but I'll implement some better way when the time comes. Also, death screen. Not really. Just a widget that's being created when health value reaches 0. But it looks cool. I had to make HP a float instead of an integer, since ProgressBar widget doesn't take integers. That lead to what you can see, health going into negative. It's an easy fix, though, I just somehow overlooked it. Will be fixed Monday, probably. ...

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Devnote Friday #1

And here's the first devnote post, after first week of the game being in development (I'm saying 'the game' because I'm, honestly, still uncertain about the final name. I'll try posing every Friday from now on, even if I have nothing exceptional to report. I think it's a good way to keep myself in check, as well as to let you know that neither me on the project is dead. Some may say it's too early for devnotes, but me, personally, I like the idea of documenting the game from day one. Plus I'll try to talk through some technical details here, so if you'll ever have similar problems with your projects you can see how I tried to solve them. But let's get to some of the features are now complete!

Dodging & Dodge Cooldown Meter

Hoo boy, was this one a bitch to implement... First I had issues with the character not moving at all due to friction, so I increased the launch speed to ludicrous amounts and it worked. Too well, one may say. Were you to jump and dodge at the same time, you'd slam into a wall at Mach 10. The easiest way to fix it' Disable dodging while mid-air. That didn't solve the issue of being able to launch yourself from a ledge, or even a crate, though. What did the trick, was adding a timer which, when countdown of few milliseconds is over, runs a branch that divides the velocity values by 10 and adds some downwards velocity. Thanks to that I was able to restore dodging while in air. ...

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The process begins...

After much procrastination, countless trials (and errors), experimenting with various genres and ideas I present you my first project that is going public. Codename so far is OneGun. You have one gun, but countless upgrades to it you can find. Swap stocks, receivers, barrels, attachments and whatnot. Get various projectile effects - bouncing, explosions, fire damage, AoE aura... You name it! The work has officially started and I?ll try to keep you updated on the progress as best as I can.
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