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Development state video #2 – 06.03.2017

This one is more of an update, really. First of all, I finally managed to fix the issue with chests not opening. Turns out it was an issue with a random integer being randomized with every check on the algorithm, so when it was checking "is it 0? Is it 1? Is it 2?" the result could be "false" with each pass. Thankfully changing that if tree for a switch fixed the issue. ...

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Development state video #1 – 15.02.2017

There hasn't been many updates recently, right? Well, you will be delighted to hear, that I am now on a spring break, and that means aaaaall the time in the world I need. And that time will be used to improve this here lil' project of mine. What's next in store? Well, I'm currently working on level generation. I almost got it working too. When that's done, I'll add some more rooms, a few basic enemies (or I'll stick to the practice targets for the time being, we'll see) and probably, maybe, possibly release an early pre-alpha demo or something. See you soon, in further updates! ...

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Devnote Friday #7

Today with less content and more plans. I thought it's still worth noting both the progress and the plans, ad futuram rei memoriam. Today no gifs, just me talking about short-term goals for OneGun (this name really did stick, didn't it?)

Battling current issues

I still, for the love of me, can't get the practice targets to reset on a push of a button. I know how to do it, it did work if it was just set on a timer in the target's actor itself, but when it needs to be activated via external means? Not looking so hot. Also, I'm trying to make a beam of a variable length as one of environmental hazards. In one of the previous posts you could even see it. It was initially achieved using a cylinder with no collisions, that detected when a player is overlapping it. The problem with that solution was that the beam would have to have a static length and could not be blocked by, say, a crate. That's why I opted for a raycasting method instead. And it works. What doesn't, is the particle beam effect, that passes through walls. I need to find a way to stop it at a location of the raycast's hit. Last but not least, I noticed that even when the health variable has a range of 0-100, being healed for 10 points when having 99 health will put you at 109 in total. Which should not happen. I need to find a way to fix it as well. ...

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Devnote Friday #6

Not much has been done this week. To be honest, I almost forgot to post about anything that was done. Juggling game development and college isn't easy, and it is taking its toll. Don't do it, kids. I managed to implement two little features, however.

Destructible Meshes

  You shoot something, this something blows up and falls apart. That's about it. I still need to tinker with physics settings a bit a lot, but it's there and it's working. More or less. The barrel needs proper inner walls, as well as it has to damage the player. Some actual explosion effects would also be nice. ...

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Devnote Friday #5

Today a little bit earlier. That's because I finished what I could, and what's left is simply too time-consuming for me to start now. Making games until the first rays of sun start shining through the window' Not always the best idea.

Target Practice

Nothing terribly special, just simple targets to practice your aim. They react to hits, they have hit zones (headshots and bodyshots), and were created so I can have something to test any enemy-related mechanics without making actual enemies yet. So far they only fall over, but a button supposed to reset them was created. Except it doesn't work. And somehow interferes with the next feature I'll talk about in this post, causing it to not react to player's input. I may have an idea how to solve it, though. The whole 'doesn't even reset what it's supposed to reset' part, however? No idea. Yet. Next step (after getting the reset to work) will probably be triggering some events when all targets are down. That'll be a base for a mechanic of clearing rooms to progress. ...

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Devnote Friday #4

It's 4:38 in the morning here, but damn it was worth it. It just feels so good when you finally get the thing that wasn't working to work. When you implement a feature without having to look at 17 tutorials on Youtube. When you feel like you're making progress - both in the project and as a developer. Here's this week's summary in development of OneGun. Still not sure about the final name, by the way.

Fire rate limits, using up ammo & reloading

For the longest time I was wondering whether the game should have limited ammo and have you rely on ammo pickups,or just have no limits allowing you to shoot endlessly. Eventually, I decided to go in the middle - your ammo isn't limited, but you do have to reload. That will make balancing high-damage combinations easier. Also, reloading, with its own, fancy meter. No, not really that fancy. The entire UI is a placeholder at this point. But it works. And that's what truly counts. And don't look at that jiggling buzzsaw. It's supposed to spin. It doesn't, though. For reasons unknown. Beauty of developing a game, ladies and gentlemen - you fix one things, another one stops working. ...

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